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Through our range of services and expertise, we deliver new products on schedule, and extend the market reach and performance of current business practices. Beyond development, we can provide a complete range of services to cover as many aspects of a project as necessary.

IMNetwork include Web Portals, Customer solutions Relationship Management, Content Management and Display, Application Integration as well as Custom Solutions to address unique requirements.

Design and Media
Desktop applications
Online Marketing Solutions
Web-based Customer Relationship Management applications

IMNetwork Corporation develops complex custom applications for clients worldwide. As a full-service software consulting firm and an online marketing organization, we can handle all aspects of your software projects - design, implementation, testing specifications and related services.

The main goal of our organization is to provide businesses with the tools and services to represent themselves and their products or services effectively and efficiently.  We deliver cutting-edge solutions to provide a company with the opportunities it needs to move their organization technologically into the future.

IMNetwork is committed to providing both individuals and small businesses with the tools needed to move their organization technologically into the future.


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